Kourna Lake

Departure Date

Every Friday


6-8 hours



Maximum Seats


The island of Crete is so much more than it’s shores. There is
water at the heart of it as well.
Fresh water. On this tour we visit the deep, famously
haunted lake of Kourna, the ancient ruins of Lappa, and
eat among the endless flow of the freshwater springs in

A tour of the natural waters of Crete, where we visit the haunted Lake Kourna, the beautiful springs of Argiroupoli and the ancient village of Lappa


  • Our first stop is the Kourna Lake. There, we can have a coffee, take a boat out into the lake and swim in the only natural freshwater lake in Crete!
  • Then, we go into the mountains and villages. Our next stop is the Springs of Argiroupoli, with water pouring out of the mountain, and endless green and beauty. After exploring the springs, we enjoy delicious traditional food among the impressive scenery.
  • After we finish our lunch, we hit the road once again to reach the village of Argiroupoli, the ancient “Lappa”. We stop there for a little walk around to enjoy the view and history of the area.
  • Our final stop is the small village of Vrysses. There, we can have a coffee, and enjoy a walk in the lush green pathways among the ducks. Then, return to the hotels. Alternatively, we stop in the town of Georgioupoli for a coffee or some beach time.