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The Olive Tour

Departure Date

Every Thursday


5-8 hours



Maximum Seats



An Ottoman cannonball.
An ancient olive tree.
The red tang of Syrah.
A day trip into the endless olive green of Kolymbari, and the ancient villages around it.
On the way, we discover the history that shaped the land, piece by piece, travelling backwards in time until we reach our very roots. We taste the local olive oil and wine, from one of the top producers of the area of course, as you can’t learn about a land without knowing the smell and flavor of it’s gifts.
And after we’ve seen and tasted, we eat, laugh and enjoy!


Olive Tour


Our Olive Tour is a tour of culture and history. A 360 experience of what Crete is, and what it was through the ages. Guests who join will see, taste and feel the heart and core of Greek and Cretan living, the olive, in all its forms. They will also learn about the events that led us here, and that shaped the history of the land.





  • The first stop is at the German cemetery. An unusual location, a place that honors the fallen German soldiers from WWII. Our guests can take a look at the historical presentations and visit the graves that lie on the locally infamous hill 107.
  • Next, we take a walk across the bridge of Tavronitis, where the remnants of WWII still remain in bullet holes. We learn the interesting history behind this virtually unassuming bridge.
  • We then travel further back in time with our visit to Gonia monastery. Our guests can choose to enter for a small fee, and visit the fantastic underground museum that displays items dating back several hundred years, as well as the monastery itself.
  • Continuing on into the endless green olives of Kolymbari, we make our way to the Ancient Olive Tree. A tree that has been there since ancient Greeks walked the earth, and maybe even before that. So old that it’s age can only be calculated as being over 3000 years old.
  • Then, returning to the modern world, we visit the illustrious olive mill and winery of Anoskeli, for a full wine tasting, olive oil tasting, and tour of the olive oil factory.
  • We make our way back to the hotels.

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