Secrets of Kiamon

Departure Date

Every Monday


5-6 hours



Maximum Seats


Akrotiri, or as the ancient greeks called it, Kiamon, means the edge. Here, at the edge of Chania, you will find quaint little villages, beautiful beaches, and smiling people. It was discovered by the world in 1964, as the then world famous movie “Zorba the Greek” was filmed in it’s sandy dunes. Now, people still chose to come back to visit the historical sites and enjoy the crystal waters of it’s various beaches.

Akrotiri Tour


Akrotiri is an area 10 km away from Chania town. It was a famous destination in the area for the past few years due to it being the location where the Oscar winning film “Zorba the Greek” was set. People from all over the world visit and stay in Akrotiri due to it’s array of beautiful beaches and quiet rural atmosphere. As with every place in Greece, it has many historical attractions.

Our Akrotiri tour has a little bit of everything: history, gastronomy and the beach!




  • Our first stop is at the new Archeological Museum of Chania. Entrance to the museum is optional, with an entrance fee of 6€. The museum has an astounding collection of findings dating back to the Minoan times.
  • Next, we visit the Venizelos Tombs for a walk around the beautiful garden and 16th Century monastery, and get some pictures of the panoramic view of Chania town.
  • After the Tombs, we head out to Stavros beach where the guests have some free time on the beach for swimming and even lunch at one of the local tavernas nearby.
  • Our next stop is at the unique 17th monastery of Agia Triada Tsagarolon (Saint Trinity),where people can choose to enter the monastery for a fee of 3€, and/or join us for a free taste of the monk’s products in the monastery wine cellar.
  • Last stop is the Allies cemetery, for a short walk around and some information about local history. After that, return to the hotels.