Roots of Rethymno

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Everyone knows that in Crete, you can find history under every rock and pebble. The culture runs deep, with thousands of years of war, art, religion and resistance shaping it. However, it isn’t just the human aspect that makes the island special. The immense diversity of flora and fauna , the abundance of water and the impressive height of the white mountains elevate Crete into more than just a Greek island; A whole world for one to explore. And what better place to do it than Rethymno, the greenest region of the island, and the heart of the Cretan rebellions.


Follow the footsteps of the local resistance, catch glimpses of the ancient religious monuments, feel the wonder as you discover through all your senses the island’s incredible plant life. 




  • Arkadi Monastery

Our first stop is at the 14th century monastery of Arkadi, the most historically significant monastery on the island. There, our guests have time to explore, and learn about the founding place of the Great Cretan Revolution, the committee that fought to bring an end to 200 years of slavery. 


  • Spili 

Next stop is Spili, a quaint little village nestled in the heart of the Rethymnian mountains, known for its iconic lion head statues and stunning views. 


  • Maravel Garden

Then we continue to a nearby location that will take your breath away. A seven-acre garden that houses over 2.500 different herbs, a lot of which are unique to Crete. There, you will get a tour of the garden to learn about the growing process as well as the incredible medicinal uses of various plants, and even hear them sing with special technology!


  • Rethymno

Last stop is free time in the city of Rethymno. There, you can take a walk along the Venetian port with its old lighthouse and get lost in the maze of alleyways, visit the mosques with their minarets and, of course, the iconic venetian fortress, otherwise known as “Fortezza”.