Theriso Tour

Departure Date

Every Saturday


5-6 hours



Maximum Seats



A twenty minute ride away from the central town of Chania, and you will find
yourself wondering if you’re on the same island. The gorge of Therisso is a
unique,yet so accessible location.A slice of truly impressive bio-diversity and natural beauty. But the flora and
fauna aren’t the only things that flourish in this gorge. Past the trees, lie villages,
historical sites, and authentic Cretan culture.
Delve into the mountains of Chania. You’ll smell delicious food roasting on an
open fire, feel a crisp and clear breeze, hear the soft sounds of cattle bells.
And, we are certain that within all that, you’ll understand the essence of Crete.

Theriso Tour


Theriso is a small village just twenty minutes away from Chania Town. It is characterized by its rich historical significance and the impressive Theriso Gorge that one has to cross in order to reach the village. It has an astonishing variety of unique flora and fauna, and stands as a complete contrast to the exotic sunny beaches of Chania with its lush green vistas. The small villages of the area maintain a more traditional way of living, making it a perfect destination for a taste of authentic Cretan products.





  • The tour begins by crossing the Theriso Gorge, with some stops along the way in special locations to appreciate the natural beauty around, as well as some hidden gems!
  • Continuing on and towards the village, we stop in a traditional cheesery to taste the delicacies that come from the family’s own, free roaming animals.
  • Then, we stop for a walk and a coffee in the village of Theriso, where people can visit the local shops, church, and museum and learn the process the locals use to produce delicious Cretan honey, and get a taste of the products as well.
  • A little further and we reach our (optional) lunch stop! People can also opt for a one of a kind opportunity of a  Cretan village cooking experience with “Archodissa”, cook and owner of the traditional restaurant.
  • Then, we make our way back through a breathtaking route with a view of all of Chania and return to the hotels.