Samaria Gorge

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Samaria Gorge
One of the most famous canyons in Europe and globally recognized by UNESCO as a “biosphere reserve” is the only Samaria gorge.
The Samaria Gorge is one of the best hiking trails forming part of the E4 European path.

Samaria canyon is located on the southern side of the Chania prefecture. To the south of the smooth plateau and at an altitude of 1200 meters begins the Samaria Gorge and is about 16 km to the shores of the Libyan Sea, Saint Roumeli.Starting our bus ride and reaching the Omalos Plateau and the Xyloskalos area begins our descent to cross the gorge.
The most famous point of the gorge is known as Doors or Sheds, where its sides come just 4 meters, while rising to a height of 500 meters.
There are many species of fauna and flora endemic in the gorge and the surrounding area. Also the canyon is a refuge for the threatened Cretan goat and for this reason it was declared a National Forest in 1962.

The path to Samaria is well-marked along the entire length of the route. A map of Samaria is printed on the back of the ticket you will buy at the entrance to the gorge.
When you leave the gorge you will meet the picturesque village of Agia Roumeli where you can take a dip in the blue waters.
Then there is a boat from Aghia Roumeli to Sfakia or Sougia, where you will have the bus of Crete Bus Travel.
A prerequisite for crossing the gorge is the proper shoes, comfortable clothes and a hat as the duration of the hiking is about 5 hours. The canyon can be visited in its entirety from 1 May to the end of October, and after 7 in the afternoon, all visitors have to leave because it is forbidden to overnight.
Planned excursions from Crete Bus Travel by bus are performed daily.