Falassarna Tour

Departure Date

Every Saturday


5-6 hours



Maximum Seats


*Currently only upon request*

It is said, from ancient times, that Nymphs and Faeries favor beautiful
places. So when the ancient Greeks of a small harbor saw the
exquisite blue and the beautiful white lilies of its beach, they named it
after the Nymph Falassarni.
Pleased by this, she decided to offer them her protection, and so the
harbor of Falassarna prospered for many years. You may still catch a
glimpse of her while walking through the ancient ruins, or swimming in
its depths.
Let’s visit her! There will be adventures on the way.



  • Pickup from the hotel.
  • A  visit to the oldest natural monument on the island, an olive tree that’s over 3000 years old. On the way, we learn about the cultural and historical significance of olive trees on Crete and Greece, and a little bit about the production process of our precious olive oil, while enjoying the beautiful green scenery of the region.
  • Next stop is the beach! With plenty of time to enjoy the crystal blue waters of Falassarna, and the option to reserve a sunbed with 10€, including consumption of food or drink within that price range.
  • Last stop is a free all-you-can-drink wine tasting experience at a local winery, where guests can tour the wine cellars and learn about the production process.
  • Return to the hotel.